General Info
Developers Running With Scissors
Release Date May 20th 2016
Platforms Windows, Linux

POSTAL Redux is a high-definition remake of the original POSTAL.

Description Edit

A faithful recreation of the original, the game sports redrawn high definition art for the original levels, animated loading screens, improved controls, and a remastered soundtrack with Rick Hunter reprising his role as the Postal Dude.

New to the game is a level placed between The City and Central Park called The Carnival which features the unique NPC: Clowns. A new weapon, the Revolver, has been introduced which boast high damage and small hit radius.

Rampage Mode Edit

Another new addition to Redux is the Rampage Mode. Far more action-oriented than the campaign, the player is scored based on their ability to efficiently dispose of enemies (kill streaks), use of multiple weapons, and how much of the map they've covered. The levels in Rampage are remixed versions of the ones from the campaign with the killing of civilians necessary to open the exit. Along with this new mode is a different ending.

Co-op Update Edit

On August 23rd 2016, Online Co-op was added to the game as a free update. This allows up to 4 players to rampage through a more difficult version of the main campaign. In addition to this, it is possible to play with AI-controlled Clowns. Much like with Rampage mode, a new ending is given if the player completes the Co-op campaign.

Super Delivery Update Edit

On September 30th 2016, the six levels from the Super Postal and Special Delivery expansions were redone and added to the game in a separate Super Delivery mini-campaign which boasts its own ending. In addition, all levels can be played sequentially as the "Excess Postage" campaign.

Also added are new graphical options, new achievements, multiplayer improvements, new NPCs, a new Nightmare difficulty for the main campaign, and additional playable characters that are Not Important.

Deathmatch Update Edit

On January 1st 2017, Multiplayer deathmatch was added to the game along with several bugfixes and improved load times. Along with this, the Soundtrack for POSTAL Redux was released on RWS's YouTube channel with clean versions of the animated loading screens.

Changes from the Original Edit

  • Several weapons have been redesigned and rebalanced such as the machine gun (now known as Submachine Gun) no longer having infinite range, mines having a greater blast radius, and the spray cannon no longer using the same ammo as the shotgun.
  • Executions now have separate animations for each weapon instead of defaulting to the SMG.
  • An alt-fire button has been added for throwable weapons and mines with them being a separate equip from firearms.
  • The entry point for some of the levels has been changed.
  • The Main Menu and the loading screens have been redrawn for extra detail and are now animated.
  • The soundtrack is fully remastered such as the Central Park loading screen using the full sample of "Is That The Door?" by Zero-G and both the Special Delivery and Super POSTAL levels having their own theme songs.
  • The achievement "Misunderstood Savior" is no longer failed if a civilian gets killed by a hostile, compared to "Boondock Saint" in the original POSTAL.
  • An exit appears after killing enough hostiles instead of having to hit F1 to get to the next level.
  • The original ending stage (the Elementary School) has been replaced with a new one known as "The End". Running With Scissors themselves have stated that they believe the original ending had lost its shock value, as school shootings have become much more common.
  • The psychiatrist in the ending is voiced by Corey Cruise who did the voice of the Postal Dude in Postal III.

Soundtrack Edit

Redux OST cover

On May 30th 2018, the soundtrack for Redux was released for free as DLC with the 4.3 update. It is divided into two sections: Main Campaign tracks and Rampage tracks.

Campaign tracks Edit

  • 01 – Intro
  • 02 – Home
  • 03 – The Truckstop
  • 04 – The Outskirts
  • 05 – Parade Of Disasters
  • 06 – The Bridge
  • 07 – The Mine
  • 08 – The Junk Yard
  • 09 – The Trailer Park
  • 10 – The Train
  • 11 – The Ghetto
  • 12 – The City
  • 13 – The Carnival
  • 14 – Central Park
  • 15 – Air Force Base
  • 16 – EZ Mart
  • 17 – Shanty Town
  • 18 – Earthquake
  • 19 – La Palamino Resort
  • 20 – Tokyo
  • 21 – Osaka
  • 22 – Ending
  • 23 – Credits
  • 24 – Outro

Rampage tracks Edit

  • 01 – Improvised Explosive Device
  • 02 – Burn
  • 03 – Cold Iron
  • 04 – Run From Me
  • 05 – Glorious
  • 06 – Temporomandibular
  • 07 – Dragged Away
  • 08 – Hell Called
  • 09 – Claptodeath
  • 10 – Blood Path
  • 11 – Shotgun Callosotomy
  • 12 – Results

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