POSTAL 4: No Regerts (Stylized as POSTAL4 No Regerts) is an upcoming title in the POSTAL series. It is currently in early access on Steam.


Several years after Paradise Lost, The Postal Dude and his loyal companion Champ, drive aimlessly through the scorching deserts of Arizona looking for a new place to call home. During a gas station rest stop, Postal Dude has his car and trailer stolen, leaving him with nothing but his bathrobe. Needing cash, they head for the nearby town of Edensin to find work.

What follows is five days of misadventure.


Following in the footsteps of POSTAL 2 and using beta elements from Postal III, the game is an open world errand based first person shooter divided into days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (subject to change).  

Each day, the Postal Dude is given a series of jobs to complete. These jobs can be completed either through lethal or non-lethal means. In addition, optional side jobs are available to the player which can be completed for cash.  


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