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POSTAL: Brain Damaged is an upcoming spin-off in the POSTAL series slated to release on 9 June 2022 with the Xbox and PlayStation releases being released later in 2022.


The Postal Dude has brain damage. The game might be a direct sequel to POSTAL, we see the Dude escaping an asylum, which he was put in the ending of POSTAL.


The game is heavily inspired by classic FPS games mimicking the retro graphics alongside the fluid movement mechanics.

Weapons, So Far[]

  • Shovel
  • Not-So-Smart Pistol MK69420
  • Super Hooker Shotgun
  • Holy Rocket Launcher
  • Machine Gun
  • Clown-Launcher
  • Piss

Enemies, So far[]

  • Demon Dogs (Including the more powerful Dog House variant).
  • Stereotypical Flying Americans, throws splash damage burgers at the dude.
  • Vietnam Vets, who fire predictable shotgun shells at The Dude.
  • Grannies, chucks toilet plungers at The Dude.
  • Insane inmates in underwear who charges at the Dude, Some carry adult toys.
  • Fat Nurses, Who fire green fluid from their syringes and attempt to crush The Dude by jumping at him.
  • Giant Alien wearing a T-shirt With Dude's face on it and an American hat. (a possible boss)

Items, So Far[]

  • Crack Pipe, heals The Dude to 200 health.
  • Molotov Cocktail, allows the dude to piss fire.

Possible enemies[]

The covert Art shows enemies That are not in the trailer but Might Be enemies In the final game, the list of includes of,

  • A Person wearing a blue dog outfit with a flamethrower
  • Unknown buff Alien wearing blue overalls.
  • Alien, with one of them with a Double-Barrel replacing their arm,
  • Unknown Alien
  • A Man wearing a red-baseball cap and a American flag on his Back-Vest


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