POSTAL: Brain Damaged is an upcoming spin-off in the POSTAL series.

Plot Edit

The Postal Dude has brain damage. (Isn't this the plot to most Postal games?)

Gameplay Edit

The game is heavily inspired by classic FPS games like Quake with the graphics to the fluid movement mechanics.

Weapons, So far. Edit

  • Clown-launcher

Enemies, So far Edit

  • Grannies: Who chucks toilet plungers at The Dude.
  • Insane inmates in underwears who charges at the Dude, Some carries adult toys.
  • Fat Nurses, Who fires a green Slime and Sometimes leap At the dude.
  • Giant Alien wearing a T-shirt With Dude's face on it and a american hat. (a possible boss)

Possible enemies Edit

The covert Art shows enemies That are not in the trailer but Might Be enemies In the final game, the list of includes of,

  • A Person wearing a blue dog Outfit with a flamethrower
  • Unknown buff Alien wearing blue overalls.
  • Aliens and one of them has A Double-barrel replacing an Arm,
  • Unknown Alien eye thing
  • A Man wearing a red-baseball cap and a american flag on his Back-Vest

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