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PIII SDK with a level loaded

The Postal III SDK (or PIII SDK for short) is a software development kit for Postal III.


During the fallout of Postal III, a user on the RWS forum names "noregrets" leaked the SDK and a NoDRM patch for Windows 8 users. This gave rise to several attempts at fixing Postal III such as the Beta Mod Pack.


A fully functional editor based on the 2006 Source Development Kit (Lost Coast version), this allows for custom content to be made for Postal III. This includes:

  • Valve Hammer Editor (For building level geometry)
  • Half-Life Face Poster (For cutscenes)
  • Half-Life Model View (For viewing models)
  • Vconfig (Use to set up directories for development)

In addition, several command line tools are included.

  • VBSP (Compiles a raw VMF file into a BSP file)
  • VVIS (Adds visibility data to a BSP file)
  • VRAD (Adds lighting data to a BSP file)
  • Vtex (converts image files from TGA (True Graphics Adapter) to VTF (Valve Texture Format).

Tutorial Resources[]

Valve Developer Community[]

An expansive collection of documents dealing with every facet of the Source Engine SDK can be found on Valve's official wiki. tutorials[]

A Half-Life 2 fansite with many tutorials dealing with the Source Engine. Downloadable video tutorials as well.

The Whole of Half-Life tutorials[]

Another fansite dealing with the Half-life series. This includes tutorials for Source engine development.

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