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Postal III runs on the Source Engine by Valve Software. While the game itself lacks built-in modding support, it is still possible (though limited) to create mods. This includes:

  • Building levels from scratch
  • Making new Pawns
  • Replaces existing weapons with new ones

Getting Started[]

Naturally, a copy of Postal III is needed. In addition, the Postal IIII SDK needs to be downloaded separately, with the contents placed in the game's "Bin" folder. The SDK can be acquired from the Moddb. Link to the Postal III SDK

Along with the above, the following tools are needed:

  • A text editor for scripting (Notepad ++ is recommended)
  • 3d modeling software for making models
  • Image editing software for making textures and 2d assets (Photoshop is recommended)


  • FAQ (Frequently asked question about Postal III modding)
  • PIII SDK (An overview of the Software Development Kit)
  • P3Script (An overview of the scripting language)

Modding resources[]