Postal Wiki

Frequently Asked Question for those new to modding in POSTAL 2.


Why does everyone say "POSTAL 2's engine is held together with ducktape"?[]

POSTAL 2's engine can best be described "Unreal 1.5". Specifically, it was made using a beta version of Unreal Engine 2 Epic Games used in the Unreal Warfare technical demo. Lots of code merging was done creating a less than stable engine. And that's ignoring questionable coding done by Running With Scissors themselves.


Can POSTed import models, sounds, etc. from other games?[]

Not on its own, no. Files need to be converted to the proper format in order to be imported. These formats are:

  • BMP, PCX, TGA, or DDS for textures
  • PSK and PSA for animations/animated models
  • ASE for Static Meshes
  • T3d for Prefabs
  • Wav for Sounds

As of the current version of POSTed, music (ogg files) and movies (Quake 3 ROQ files) cannot be imported.

Why are maps in .FUK format? Is that proprietary to POSTAL 2?[]

No. The format is the same one used in various Unreal Engine 2 games. You cannot open maps from other games by default as the missing dependencies will cause the Editor to crash.

Is 3dsmax the only modeling software that can be used?[]

3dsmax and Maya are recommended by Epic Games for work in the Unreal Engine 2. Any modeling software can be used with notable mentions to:

Even when working with 3dsmax and Maya, there are additional plugins necessary for exporting purposes. These can be found on the UDN website.

I want to just open and view the models in POSTAL 2 without installing stuff[]

UE Viewer is a useful tool for that. In addition, it can export models as well.

Are there any tutorials for making weapons and/or characters?[]

3dbuzz (R.I.P) has a whole series dealing with modeling weapons, pawns, and vehicles in Maya. While they are made for Unreal Tournament 2004, the lessons still apply.

Unrealscript related[]

Do I really need to know coding/programming to understand this?[]

A baseline understanding of computer programming is necessary. A quick write up can be found in the Unrealscript modding section.

Unrealscript is used in multiple Unreal Engine 2 and Unreal Engine 3 games, can it be recycled into my mod?[]

No. Only Unrealscript files made for POSTAL 2 can be used/recycled.

The text editor recommended by Epic Games sucks/I don't know what Visual Studio is.[]

Notepad++ is your friend. It also allows for syntax highlighting with a plugin download.

Can't I just replace files in the game itself to get my mod working instead of learning to code?[]

To some extent, yes but this is not recommended. It will also limit your capabilities significantly.

What is the "Unrealscript Debugger" I see in the POSTed files?[]

The Unreal Debugger is a tool used for debugging code and not something recommended for those new to coding. There is some actual documentation on the UDN Epic Games website but this information is lacking and (much like a lot of the documentation) unfinished.

I actually know how to use Visual Studio and have some coding chops so how can I use the Unrealscript Debugger[]

In order to use the Unrealscript debugger, your mod (along with the POSTAL 2 scripts) need to be recompiled with the proper debug flag. Using the command line, type in:

ucc make -debug

If you need an explanation for what command line is or how to use the Unreal Compiler from said command line, you don't know enough to use the Debugger.


What can I use to open DDS files?[]

Gimp and Photoshop can be used so long as you have the correct plugins installed. For simple viewing and converting, use XnView.