A part of the Obligatory Sewer Complex.

The Obligatory Sewer Complex (also known as Underhub) is an area introduced in Share The Pain. It can be accessed via sewage pipes, located behind the Postal Dude's trailer, in the Trainyard area, and the Forest.

The complex has evidently been taken over by Al Qaeda, who are using it as a chemical dump and stronghold. Throughout the complex, the Postal Dude will be attacked by waves of terrorists, who are situated in offices and pipelines. Powerful and somewhat rare weapons or items can also be found and picked up, including SiC Body Armor, Rocket Launchers, and the Random Wardrobe (A Week in Paradise mod exclusive) any day after Monday.

Notable Locations Edit


  • Police officer can be seen lying dead at the entrance of the complex. It's plausible he died trying to stop the terrorists.

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