An overview of the Newlow.

Newlow is a district area in Hasselridge. The Sewers from the Museum lead to Newlow. As soon as John Murray gets out of the sewers, he meets Grandpa Bob. If Bob sees John carrying a weapon, he will be scared and will try to escape, but since he is surrounded by pigeons, they will chase him and peck him to death.

Several accidents are taking place in Newlow: a light post crushing a woman, a vehicle full of civilians exploding, a zombie outbreak, among others. The gates out of Newlow are locked, the only way out is breaking a switch atop the fire department. The building of the fire department has been taken over by Hasidics armed with sickles. When John breaks the switch, it opens a gate to a house, guarded by dogs. There is another switch within this house, the one that actually leads out of Newlow.

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