Napalm Launcher

The Napalm Launcher is a weapon featured in Postal and Postal 2.


The Napalm Launcher made its first appearance in Postal. When fired, the missile will cause a large explosion of fire, burning anyone in the vicinity. It is one of the more powerful and rarest weapons in the game.

Postal 2Edit

"The Napalm Launcher need not hit the target directly since it results in massive amounts of apocalyptic flames and all. It can fire relatively long distances, and is not recommended inside closed spaces unless you happen to be a Tibetan monk. Primary fire will cause a canister to be launched straight ahead, leaking napalm all the way. The canister will explode on first contact and ignite any napalm behind it. Secondary fire will cause a canister to be launched that will bounce around wildly, spewing out napalm after the first bounce. The canister will explode after coming to rest, igniting the trail of napalm it just laid." — The Napalm Launcher's description in the manual

The Napalm Launcher reappears in Postal 2. It is given to the player after the Postal Dude gets it from the Napalm Factory on Thursday. The Napalm Launcher is the only weapon to be an errand item as well, since the Postal Dude adds a "Get Napalm" errand to his list on Thursday, supposedly because the weeds are getting too tall and he would use "Mr. Napalm" to kill them. When he comes back to his trailer, he shows his wife the launcher, but apparently it spills some napalm fuel over the carpet, prompting her to call him an asshole for ruining her carpet.

The weapon acts similarly to the Rocket Launcher, however it has a completely different effect. Instead of launching a rocket, it launches a bottle of napalm that explodes into a large ball of flames. The secondary fire launches a bottle of napalm that bounces along the ground, leaving a trail of flames behind it. It is never found in the hands of enemies in low to moderate difficulties except for the ATF on Friday.


  • A glitch may occur when picking up the napalm canisters before picking up the Napalm Launcher itself. If this is done, then trying to pick up the launcher will give the player a message stating that he/she is already at full ammo.
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