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Music To Go POSTAL By was a CD released on October 30th 2007. It was published by RWS in collaboration with various artists. It can currently be found for free on the RWS Youtube channel or can be downloaded off of the Running With Scissors website.

Watup Guys,
Mike J here sayin’ THANKS on behalf of Running With Scissors for all your support over the years. This album was inspired by you, the POSTAL fans, and we hope you love it. These are indie artists from all over the country and even some from around the world. The music styles range from Metal to Techno to Pop to Rap. Be sure to show your support and check out their websites or myspace pages. Give them props on their message boards or blogs if you dig their music!
~Mike Jaret – Producer, Running With Scissors
Thanks to the greatest fans in the world, our POSTAL Fans, this was your idea, and we hope you approve.
~Vince Desi – CEO, Running With Scissors

Track List Edit

  1. Escape From Paradise - Jesus Loves Junkies
  2. In Your Time of Sorrow - Ph8
  3. Reflection - Blynd
  4. Gargoyles - Martin "Video Game Pianist" Leung
  5. Shh, Be Quiet - Dominoes
  6. Fluxx - Cannonsong
  7. Burned Feet for Jade - Rachel Immerman
  8. Epic - No Ones Kind
  9. Capturing - Simplekill
  10. Wrong Side Out - Ricochet Biscuit
  11. Uroky - Brizgi
  12. Goin Postal - Jade Wing
  13. Run With This - DJ Crazy
  14. Insomnia - Chiraw

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