Not to be confused with Mike J, product manager of Running With Scissors.
Mike/Junkyard Guy
Mike at his desk in the Junkyard.
Type Human
Gender Male
Affiliations Junkyard
Status Determinant
Played by Marcus Davis

Mike is the owner of the Junkyard in Paradise, and plays a small role in during one of the Friday errands in POSTAL 2. When the Postal Dude heads to the Junkyard, Mike charges him $500 for the alternator, or attacks him along with his assistant if he attempts to steal it. If the Postal Dude pays, Mike will be killed by the dogs after they break out of the pen, and they will also attack the Postal Dude.

On Wednesday, during the General Election, Mike is seen running for the position of Paradise's Mayor as part of the Democratic Party. However, he is referred to as "Junkyard Guy".

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