Outside view of Meat World, with the rotating cow over a planet as a symbol.

Meat World is a butchery located at the Suburbs. On Thursday, the Postal Dude decides to buy some steaks for the Psychotic Friends Network BBQ. He goes to Meat World, but as soon as he enters the store, he discovers that no one is giving any service. The Postal Dude then decides to enter the "Employees only" area to see if they have some steaks over there. As soon as he enters, the Postal Dude finds a group of Butchers throwing living people into a grinder. Their funny moment is interrupted when they realize the Postal Dude is there, and attack him for finding out about their secret. The Postal Dude must go through several rooms of Meat World, including one in which an entire cow is being triturated by another grinder.

The Postal Dude finally manages to defeat the butchers and get the steaks at the very back of Meat World, but in that moment, a large group of Police officers and a SWAT team storms the place either due to the murder and cannibalism or from the Dude's trespass (it is never specified).


  • The presence of vegetarians on Thursday in several areas of Paradise and some picket signs that read "Meat is Gay" or "Cows are people too" at a house in Chicken Queen Estates that has been previously used by Parents for Decency and book protestors, suggested that a protest at Meat World would take place. However, the vegetarians don't strike until Saturday at the Cow Pasture after the Postal Dude kills a group of diseased cows.
  • If the Dude is wearing a police uniform, the police will not attack or attempt to arrest him during the escape, significantly reducing the difficulty of your escape (especially on higher difficulties or pacifist runs). However, one should be extremely careful not to accidentally shoot one, as this will instantly make every police unit hostile until the next load section. Since one also has to visit the Police Station during the same day as this errand to pay the ticket, it might be wise to allow oneself to be arrested in order to be taken there directly.


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