Dude holding his matches

are weapons featured in Postal 2 and Postal III.

Postal 2Edit

A box of "Arizona Blue Tip" matches is the first weapon the Postal Dude starts off with in Postal 2 and is the only weapon that cannot be dropped or is ever forcibly removed from the inventory. Despite its useless appearance, they are very useful tools to have in the game. They can light gasoline poured from cans of gasoline, and can be thrown while holding a can with secondary fire. They are also the only thing in the game that can set off the sprinklers in the prison to allow a jailbreak. The quantity for the box of Matches is unlimited, thus allowing setting things alight and break out of prison for no extra cost except for some gasoline.

Postal 3Edit

P3 Matches

The Matches reappear in Postal 3, having the same uses as their predecessor. Rather than being a standalone weapon like in Postal 2, they are only for a secondary fire for the gasoline can.


  • Strangely, matches cannot set anything alight without the aid of gasoline.
  • In the enhanced mode, alternate fire throws multiple matches at once.