The Marching Band in Postal being attacked.

The Marching Band is a group of instrumental musicians that have so far featured in the first two games of the POSTAL series.


The Marching Band first appear in the 4th level of Postal, Parade of Disasters. They continue to march up and down the level until eventually the player is prompted to, and may choose to attack them due to the aggravating tune they play over and over.



The Marching Band's tryout at Earl's Elephant Ranch and Grill in Postal 2.

The Marching Band returns in Postal 2. They arrive to Paradise on Tuesday to do some tryouts in Home; however, a fat Marching Band member can be seen in one of the rooms in Bates Hotel since Monday. However, he is never seen during the tryouts. The Marching Band's tour during the first tryout in Home will take them past Fire in the Hole, Money Shot Laundromat and Cock Asian, and then preparing themselves to go down the main staircase of the area. However, while they are heading down the staircase, a terrorist appears from behind Cock Asian and detonates himself, killing various members of the Marching Band in the process, although the Postal Dude can kill the terrorist to stop this from happening and subsequently unlock an achievement in the Steam version of the game.

The Wednesday edition of the Paradise Times states that the Marching Band tryouts continue, this time in Earl's Elephant Ranch and Grill. This time, the tryouts include elephants.

Paradise LostEdit

The Marching Band returns once more in Paradise Lost. They appear as zombies in the Church of the VD Clan courtyard from Wednesday onward, playing a creepy and distorted version of the original song.


  • The song that the band plays is "The Stars and Stripes Forever" which is the national march of the United States of America.
  • In both Postal and Postal 2, the same audio track is used, but only in Postal 2 is the full track used.

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