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The Map is an item in POSTAL 2.


An extremely useful tool, the Map is always available in your inventory from Monday to Friday, helping guide the player if lost.

The Map has a hotkey mapping; the default key was 'F', but later changed to 'M' in POSTAL 2 Complete. In addition to being a map of Paradise, it also hosts each day's errands on a sticky note so you can check what to do next at anytime. Like the Birthday Gift, and thermo-nuclear warhead, the Map cannot be dropped from the inventory.

The successor to this item is the Scrotorola Phone in POSTAL 4: No Regerts.



  • The current icon for the Map is actually the original icon opened up.
  • In Paradise Lost, there are no longer only dude, but Vince desi, Mike J, Big Mcwillis and Osama marked missions and locations on the map. Their handwriting is different.
  • The compass in the top left corner has a close resemblance to the chaos star.