Panoramic view of the Main Street. The Book Repository is on the back.

Main Street is an area of Paradise. It basically consists of a road that goes from the Office Complex to the Ghetto, going in front of Lucky Ganesh, the Book Repository, the Library, and a house. Main Street is also accessible from the Home area, Greenbelt, and the Industrial Area.

An abandoned house behind the Book Repository has a graffiti made by "P.A.G. (Parents Against Graffiti)". The roof of the house can be climbed by a wooden piece hanging from the broken ceiling. If the Postal Dude walks over a cable that hangs from the house, he can reach the roof of Lucky Ganesh. Behind Lucky Ganesh, there is a secret area containing cats from Monday to Wednesday, dogs on Thursday, and armed men in suits on Friday. Several weapons, ammo, and health items are also located in this secret area.



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