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The Machine Pistol is a weapon in POSTAL 2.


The Machine Pistol is an alternative to the standard Pistol.

The version seen in Eternal Damnation deals the same amount of damage as the Beretta, but is incapable of exploding heads, while the version featured in POSTAL 2 Complete deals slightly less damage, but has a higher rate of fire as a trade-off, and also can be set to a 3-shot burst or full automatic fire. The burst fire and full auto modes, however, are less accurate than the single shot fire mode.

The Machine Pistol is a fairly common weapon in Eternal Damnation, with various street gang members using them. Eternal Damnation also has an akimbo version (dual wield), but only the singular version is available in POSTAL 2. It can, however, be dual-wielded in Paradise Lost via downing a can of Habib's Power Station.

Compared to the other automatic weapons (the Machine Gun and MP5), the Machine Pistol does more damage (it does about twice as much damage per bullet as the machine gun), but is significantly less accurate when fired in full-auto mode.


  • The Machine Pistol is based on the Glock 18.
  • Prior to version 5100 (20th anniversary update) of POSTAL 2 Complete, this weapon had a few changes. It was called the Glock in vending machines, had its own ammo pool, and held 1000 rounds. This was changed likely for balancing purposes and to be more accurate to its Eternal Damnation version.