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"The Machine Gun is the basic rapid-fire gun. Holding down the fire key will cause The Postal Dude to fire repeatedly. Yee-hah." POSTAL 2 manual description

The Machine Gun is a weapon featured in POSTAL 2.


The Machine Gun was originally the only weapon capable of fully automatic fire in POSTAL 2. This weapon can take quite a number of shots to drop someone, but its high accuracy and fire rate compensates for this. Despite it being one of the more superior weapons in the game, it's the most common out of all of them and can be found in various houses, rooftops, and various other places. The police armoury is almost always full of Machine Guns.

Enhanced Mode[]

The Machine Gun's alt-fire causes will shoot ricocheting scissors, which can be very useful for quickly taking down armoured enemies and bosses.


  • The Machine Gun is based on the Colt AR-15A2 HBAR, a semi-auto version of the M16A2, except converted to full-auto.
    • The weapon's pistol grip is taken from a Pachmayr Vindicator shotgun grip.
  • The Machine Gun in the POSTAL 2 beta at E3 2002 was an M16A3 with an ACOG sight.
  • When using its Enhanced Mode alt-fire while silenced, the cat does not fly off the barrel.
  • NPCs wielding the Machine Gun will fire at a lower rate than the player. This carries over into the POSTAL 4 incarnation of the weapon.