All M@DJ@cK@L items in the original AWP

Eddie Klemens, better known as M@DJ@cK@L (or MaDJacKaL) is a modder who worked with Resurrection Studios. His items and weapons are featured exclusively and extensively in the original AWP mod, but were completely removed from Postal 2 Complete, although a workshop mod exists which restores all of the M@DJ@cK@L items. M@DJ@cK@L added nine weapons and two items. He may also be the creator of the Katana, which was removed completely after AWP, and was used by enemies in Eternal Damnation. Bystanders even use the weapons themselves; mostly on higher difficulties.

M@DJ@cK@L programmed some items into Eternal Damnation, but they were not used in the game. These include the M@D Bomb, the USAS12 semi-automatic shotgun, his bong, a motion tracker, and his beer. These items can be found in the map "ed-weapontest".

AWP Add-onsEdit

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