Lucky Ganesh as seen from the Main Street.

"Did somebody slaughter a goat in here? No seriously, I wanna know." — The Postal Dude

Lucky Ganesh is an International All-American Market located in the Main Street area. Run by Habib, the Middle Eastern Shopkeeper, Lucky Ganesh sells all types of groceries. The market is decorated with various Indian elements, such as posters with elephant deities. The Postal Dude notes that Lucky Ganesh has a really bad smell, even asking if someone slaughtered a goat in there. One of the errands given to him by his wife on Monday is to get some milk, which can be bought at Lucky Ganesh. Once he gets the milk, the Postal Dude can either pay for it or leave without paying, prompting Habib to attack in response.

At the back of Lucky Ganesh, there is door which leads to an area for "employees only" (as noted by a sign posted by Habib which reads "Employees Only, Infidels Keep Out"). The area serves in reality as headquarters for a group of terrorists. A group of female terrorists will immediately come down some stairs and attack tresspassers. The upper level of Lucky Ganesh features dormitories, living room, kitchen, and even a pool table. The area is mainly full of female terrorists, but male terrorists can be found there on certain days.

The terrorist headquarters also lead to a lower area accessible only by breaking a wooden platform on the floor, below the staircase to the upper level. After walking down through several passages, the Postal Dude will eventually find a group of hell dogs guarding a Rocket Launcher. The place can be left via a long ladder that leads to some bushes right behind the Library.

Behind the building, there's a small hidden area that's accessible only via the roof. To reach the roof first, player must go the small wooden shanty that gives access to telephone wires. They are fairly thin, so be careful. Once the roof is reached, player can use a ladder to go down. From Monday to Wednesday, catnip and some cats will be found there. On Thursday, there will be some Doggie Treats and a group of dogs. On Friday, there will be a group of armed men in suits.


  • Between Tuesday & Thursday, the Lucky Ganesh will be run by a generic female terrorists, and on Friday, it will be run by a male terrorist strapped with explosives.
  • When Habib is at the Lucky Ganesh, he will be selling bags of fast food to customers for between $5-$20. Afterwards, the cashier will be selling Health Pipes for a couple hundred dollars. However, the Postal Dude is unable to buy any himself.
  • The store name is a reference to the Hindu god Ganesh, despite the fact that Habib is an arab muslim. It could be simply a cover to make Paradise citizens think that he is from India and/or a reference to the long muslim-hindu conflict.
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