Panoramic view of Lower Paradise.

Lower Paradise is a mini-hub area of Paradise first introduced in Apocalypse Weekend. Lower Paradise is notable for being absent from the main Paradise map, along with all neighboring locations and other settings from Apocalypse Weekend.

The Postal Dude first arrives in Lower Paradise on Saturday, after getting out of the Hospital. Despite the fact that Apocalypse had begun the previous day, Lower Paradise and its citizens seem unaffected of what happened during those events. Unlike the different areas of Paradise, most the stores and shops in Lower Paradise are not accessible, except for Greasy Panda and Desiplexxx. Lower Paradise is also notable for the absence of law enforcement organizations such as the Police, the ATF or SWAT teams (none of which appear at all in Apocalypse Weekend). However, Lower Paradise starts to be patrolled by the National Guard after a zombie attack takes place at Greasy Panda.

The Postal Dude returns to Lower Paradise a second time after finishing the Super-fun Pigeon Hunter Mission. It is nightfall and, for the first time, Lower Paradise appears to be suffering the effects of the Dude's presence, with Greasy Panda being covered by blood and feathers, and some cars being blown up. The National Guard is seen all over the area, but this time there are no attacks by zombies or anyone else, except for the Postal Dude and perhaps random armed civilians.

The last time that Lower Paradise appears is after the Postal Dude manages to escape from the Military Base. It is night time and it is raining. As soon as he gets out, he spots a terrorist atop a building, addressing other terrorists, vegetarians, zombies, and Gary Coleman, and telling them to launch an attack on those who "oppress" them. These groups start a gun battle against the National Guard, civilians and the Postal Dude, until he manages to reach Bullfish Interactive's publisher office complex.

Lower Paradise is then destroyed at the end of Sunday after a nuclear explosion.

Areas Edit

Notable LocationsEdit

Inaccessible places Edit

  • Homeless Hamburgers
  • Jimbo's Occult Shop
  • Laundered Clams
  • Reaper X's Haus of Wang
  • Ultraflicks
  • Fat Guy Computers
  • Gardening Store and Nature Shop
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