Lorie's Aparment.

Lorie's Aparment (identified in the game as Girlfriend's Aparment) is Lorie Heath's home. After her boyfriend John Murray escapes from Happy Hill Asylum, he decides to take shelter at Lorie's apartment. However, once he arrives there, Lorie suggests that he should better hide at the museum where she works (this suggestion was actually a trap, since the museum was already invaded by a zombie outbreak, caused by Lorie herself).

Lorie's apartment itself is only seen at the beginning of the mission during the conversation between John and Lorie. After this conversation, the game recommends the player to save the game and the real mission starts within the building where Lorie's apartment is. After leaving Lorie's, John enters another apartment in which some criminals, who have already beheaded a man, attack him. John is confronted by criminals on his way out of the building, until there is no way out.

Suddenly, a SWAT team starts shooting from a neighboring building. John must cross through outside the apartments and reach the neighboring building and the apartment from which the SWAT team launched the attack. A cutscene shows a man smoking and throwing his cigarette into a pile of trash, which causes a major fire in the building. John must get out of the building, but is confronted by dogs. He finally enters a burning apartment and is forced to jump through the window and falls into a garbage can, falling unconscious.

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