A poster hanging in a wall of the Compound dedicated to Lieberman. Note that the name is misspelled.

US Senator Joe Lieberman (sometimes spelled as Leiberman) is referenced numerous times in Postal 2, but has never made an actual appearance. The easiest mode is called "Liebermode". When the Postal Dude dies or commits suicide, some people will say to "call Lieberman". On Wednesday, during the General Election, it is revealed that "Joe Leiberman" is running for the position of Wildlife Containment Officer as part of the Hippocritic Party, along with Habib who is running for sheriff. One of the posters placed by the religious cult in the Compound during the siege reads "Leiberman, God sees your lies". The Apocalypse edition of the Paradise Times on Friday says that "Lieberman blames Doom (famous FPS game)" for the sudden violence in Paradise.


  • In real life, Joe Lieberman is a US Senator in Connecticut and today an Independant Politician.
  • One of the main reasons why he cameos in the game is because he wanted to ban Postal  in 1997, because of its violence (as with Postal 2). He also sought to ban several video games that were violent, whom he said is "Dangerous for our children". In response, the ESRB responded to him and his party that the following video games he wanted to ban were not made for children, and tests were made that video games are better for our health than worse. In response, Lieberman apologized for his "errors" in 2010.
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