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There are sixteen levels in the base game of POSTAL (seventeen if the Elementary School is counted), four additional levels (EZ Mart, Shanty Town, Earthquake, and La Palamino Resort) were added in the Special Delivery add-on, two more levels (Tokyo and Osaka) in Super POSTAL, and another two additional levels (The Carnival and The End) created specifically for Redux.

Each has a quote from the Postal Dude, with the entries for Tokyo and Osaka done in haiku form.

The War Journal[]

Main Article: War Journal

In addition to the quotes, the original POSTAL manual had a set of diary entries which the Postal Dude refers to as his "War Journal" after the fourth level. These entries would be re-used in POSTAL Redux for the game's hard mode along with new entries for the add-on and Redux exclusive levels. Unlike the previous quotes, there are no dates on the war journals.

Level Titles[]

  • 1: Home
  • 2: The Truckstop
  • 3: The Outskirts
  • 4: Parade of Disasters
  • 5: The Bridge
  • 6: The Mine
  • 7: The Junkyard
  • 8: The Trailer Park
  • 9: The Train
  • 10: The Farm
  • 11: The Construction Site
  • 12: The Ghetto
  • 13: The City
  • 14: The Carnival (Redux only)
  • 15: Central Park
  • 16: The Industrial Complex
  • 17: Air Force Base
  • 18: The Elementary School (Original), The End (Redux)

Special Delivery:

  • EZ Mart
  • Shantytown
  • Earthquake
  • La Palamino Resort


  • Tokyo
  • Osaka

Overview of the Levels[]


  • The levels were referred to as "Realms" in the original level editor. This is shown by their file extension being "rlm".
  • In the original game, the diary quotes' year is marked as 1997 for the base levels, 1998 for the Special Delivery levels, and 1999 for the Super Postal levels. In POSTAL Redux, they're instead marked as 2017 for the base levels, 2018 for the Special Delivery levels, and 2019 for the Super Postal levels. The End is not marked with a date at all.
  • While the Elementary School plays out as just a cutscene in-game, earlier versions of POSTAL had a "Load Level" option allowing one to load the map. But the map is unbeatable as the school children are invulnerable, and there are no hostiles to up one's kill percentage.
  • In an interview, Vince Desi revealed that some of the diary entries came from a childhood notebook. However, he may have said this in jest.