The Lawmen are the standard law enforcement organization in Paradise Lost, serving as the successors to the Police Officers.

They are in charge of the security of the town of Paradise and its people, and have their headquarters in a saloon called The Hole in the Clinic Area. The Lawmen are dressed as Western sheriffs and speak in Southern accents (reusing the standard cop voices from Postal III). They come in different uniforms, each with varying degrees of hitpoints; those wearing the duster coats are usually the toughest. Due to reusing the Police Officers' AI, the Lawmen will try to arrest the Postal Dude everytime he is seen carrying a weapon, attacking other people, breaking windows, or even after being accussed by others.

The first major confrontation against the Lawmen is on Tuesday; at The Wipe House, if the Postal Dude steals the Toilet Paper from the area.

From Thursday onward, the Lawmen are aided by the Survivalists.

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