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It's high noon in the post apocalypse!


The Postal Dude wearing the Lawman Chaps

The Lawman Chaps is an item in POSTAL 2.


Serving as the Paradise Lost equivalent of the Police Uniform, it functions identically. When worn, Bystanders will treat The Postal Dude with "respect", and committing crimes will not attract the Lawmen attention unless a lawman was attacked.

It can be found inside The Hole in various locations depending which day is set on or by entering the cheat code "iamthelaw". The locations are:

  • Monday - on a table in the locker room.
  • Tuesday - next to the gallows on the second floor on the right table.
  • Wednesday - in one of the hotel rooms on the bed.
  • Thursday - next to the gallows in a secret passage that leads to the second floor near it.
  • Friday - in the toilet behind the dancing cow.

In Enhanced Mode, the Chaps are automatically added to the Dude's inventory.


  • The left back pocket contains a yellow handkerchief. In accordance to the “hanky code”, it means that one enjoys watersports, i.e., sexual activities relating with urine.
  • When equipping, or while wearing, the outfit, the Dude will make various Western-related references:
    • The quote, "Glad there wasn't a snake in my boot", which the Postal Dude mentions after equipping the uniform, is a reference to Toy Story.
    • The quote, "It's high noon in the post apocalypse", which the Dude will also say on equipping the uniform, is a reference to High Noon.
    • The Dude may say "Rollin', rollin', rollin'!" from time to time after killing someone, which a reference to Rawhide.
    • Another quote, "Man, don't I feel like a man named Rick!", is a reference to Rick Grimes, the main protagonist of The Walking Dead.