A Larry the Crab doll.

Larry the Crab is Krotchy's pal.

He is part of the same doll line sold at Toyz 'n tha Hood. Contrary to the Krotchy Doll, the Larry the Crab dolls are not that rare to get; instead, there are plenty of them in Toyz 'n tha Hood, and even in some houses all over Paradise.

On Thursday, during the "Krotchy Day", the Postal Dude plans to get a Krotchy doll but, once he arrives to Toyz 'n tha Hood, Krotchy tells him that the Krotchy dolls are sold out, and that he can get a Larry instead. However, despite the fact that there are plenty of them, the Dude insists on getting a Krotchy doll by any means necessary.

Larry the Crab makes his first physical appearance in Postal III, during the educational video with Krotchy explaining the morality system of the game. Understandably, he is very crabby. His next appearance is in Paradise Lost, where he assist Krotchy in showing Postal Dude an education video while griping about doing boring work.

Larry is voiced by Joe Cerniglia in Postal III, and by Mike Jaret-Schachter in Paradise Lost.


  • Larry the Crab dolls can be found in the Junkyard on Friday. Judging by this and the fact that they are always in stock, Larry the Crab seems to be an outcast compared to Krotchy.
  • The player can never pick up Larry the Crab, and is not an item at all or an animated character.


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