Panoramic view of the Industrial Area.

The Industrial Area is an area located in Paradise. It is accessible from the Main Street, the Greenbelt, the Ghetto and the Clinic Area, as well as the Napalm Factory Exterior from a secret building. The Industrial Area is basically a transition area, since there are no errands to be done within it or one of its buildings.

The Industrial Area is home to several cases of abuse of power. On Monday, two Police officers are heard talking about a cleansing they must begin, and they start a gun battle against gangsters. On Tuesday, the police attacks a crazy bum without any reason. On Wednesday, two policemen are seen investigating a woman, and then begin to attack her apparently without any reason, since she is not seen carrying a weapon.

The National Guard arrives on Thursday to patrol the place, and also some Terrorists are seen atop various buildings as the week progresses. The Industrial Area is also home to a storage belonging to the Fourth Hole Mining Co.

Notable Locations Edit


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