The Examination Room of the Hospital.

The Hospital is the first setting of Apocalypse Weekend. After shooting himself in the head to avoid listening to his nagging wife, the Postal Dude is taken to the hospital, where he is treated by the doctors and spends all night there. He wakes up on Saturday, and discovers what happened to him after a doctor talks with him and after reading some "get well" cards. After getting out of his bedroom, the Postal Dude sees an advertisement inviting men to sell some of their semen to get some cash. The Postal Dude proceeds to ask a nurse for information, who tells him to go to the Sample Drop Room and then to the lobby to pick up his cash. The walls of the Sample Drop Room are all covered with posters of the Postal Babes, and there is a bucket on a table. Just as the Postal Dude is donating his semen, some scientists are seen experimenting with cats at the Research and Testing Room, but the experiment goes wrong and the cats turn into "dervish cats", killing the scientist and escaping.

After the Postal Dude comes out of the Sample Drop Room, his headwound causes him hallucinations, in which he sees a distorted version of the hospital, and is attacked by Gary Coleman-esque creatures, until he reaches and escapes from the Surgical Theater. After this first hallucination, the Postal Dude finds his way out blocked, so he must continue by getting out of the building and walking through the balconies, which causes the Postal Dude another hallucination. Once he manages to get inside the building again, the hallucination is over but not for so long because, as the Postal Dude arrives to another Surgical Theater, the hallucinations are back. This hallucination is over when he reaches the Maternity Ward, which is infested with more dervish cats, until he reaches the Administrator's office. However, as soon as the Postal Dude gets out of the office, more dervish cats appear, blocking the way to the Psychiatric Ward. Halfway through the ward, he suffers another longer hallucination.

After the Psychiatric Ward, the Postal Dude manages to arrive to the basement of the Hospital, and eventually reaches the sewers. He must cross through the pipelines, and if he falls, he will drown in the water below. The hallucination continues even after the Postal Dude gets out of the sewers and gets into the main building again, until he reaches the Examination Room, which is also infested with dervish cats. Finally, the Postal Dude reaches the lobby, where he finds his cash in the admitting desk. The doors of the hospital are closed, and the Postal Dude must break a switch behind the desk. This will cause the doors to open, but will also cause some disruption in a switch in the basement, resulting in a major explosion in the entire hospital, except the lobby. The Postal Dude then leaves the hospital.

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