Hell Hole 0

Sealed entrance to the Hell Hole.

The Hell Hole (or simply Hell) is the last area of Paradise Lost. It replaces the Postal Dude's trailer. As the name would imply, it's an underground cavern full of Zombies, Skeletons, demons, and lava that was sealed off by the residents of Paradise a long time ago.

The area only becomes fully accessible on Friday when Alternate Postal Dude uses an IED to destroy the seal. Giving chase, the Postal Dude journeys through the bowels of the underground to find his heavily mutated dog, Champ. After a lengthy fight, the Postal Dude uses the Ensmallen Cure to bring Champ down to normal size.

Afterwards, Alternate Postal Dude shows up leading to an argument over who owns Champ. This is broken up by Mike J and The Bitch who claims custody of Champ. At this point it is brought up that they never did actually get divorced thus a boss fight with the Bitch ensues. After several demonic facials, the Postal Dude defeats the Bitch who falls into a hellish void.

The victory is only temporary as the Bitch rises up in a more demonic form, grabbing Champ. The Postal Dude gives pursuit while Alternate Postal Dude looks on.

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