Two criminals watching a dead body.

The Criminals are a group of individuals commiting several violent murders in Hasselridge in the third party mod Eternal Damnation.

The first group of criminals appear at the building where Lorie's Apartment is located. They have already beheaded a man by the time John Murray enters their apartment on his way out of the building. The criminals attack him both with melee and fire weapons. John is confronted by more criminals throughout the building until he is forced to cross to the neighboring building.

More criminals appear at the Suburbs. The Police is unable to stop them, so they locked the gates out of the suburbs until reinforcements arrive to fight the criminals. John tells the police officers he will take care of the criminals himself. John must defeat 7 criminals inside a house. After doing so, a door in another house is opened, and John must now kill 8 more criminals.

No more criminals are seen for the rest of the game.

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