A destroyed area of Hasselridge. Note some Paradise elements present.

Hasselridge is the main setting of the third party mod Eternal Damnation


Unlike Paradise, Arizona, Hasselridge is more like a city, having much more taller buildings, a very large mall, an extense Subway line, and even a Downtown. If possible, the population of Hasselridge is sicker than that of Paradise. Criminals and even the staff of the local asylum commit really cruel acts of murder which include dismembering, beheading, skinning, and crucifixion. However, the Hasselridge Police seems to be not as corrupt as that of Paradise. Civilians are totally absent for most of the game, and they are often victims to criminals, zombies, or the protagonist John Murray (depending on the player's actions), but share the same traits of the Paradise civilians.

The characters of Postal 2 seem to be some sort of stars in Hasselridge, with posters in several areas of the city featuring Postal Dude, Gary Coleman, Mike J, and some others. A cinema in the Downtown features many posters of films adapted to Postal such as "Postal Wars" (a Star Wars parody). Also, there are some areas, locations, or advertisiments identical to those from Paradise.

Hasselridge is eventually under a major zombie attack because of people that have been in contact with cursed Holy Water from the Cathedral or from an exposition at the local Museum. The zombie outbreak causes various damage, with some areas being already destroyed by the time John arrives there.


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