General view of the Walk-in-Clinic and the watch tower of the Harbor.

Harbor is a setting in the third party mod Eternal Damnation. After John Murray jumps from a window at Lorie's Apartment, following a fire in a neighboring apartment, John is taken to the Walk-in-Clinic at the harbor.

John wakes up in one of the clinic rooms, but as soon as he gets out, he is attacked by Happy Hill security guards. John eventually arrives to an area in which a group of boxes are blocking the entrance to a telepherique that can get him out of the harbor. John looks for a weapon that can help him destroy the boxes until he finds an M79 grenade launcher. With the launcher, John is able to destroy the boxes and board the telepherique, which takes him out of the clinic and into large base and the harbor itself.

This base seems to be some sort of headquarters or training camp for SWAT agents, since there are lots of them seen attacking John as soon as they see him. The base is also notable for displaying many posters and advertisements from Postal 2, including the "New Zealand Racing Slugs" sold at Beast Love, the entrance sign of the Compound, a The Whore and Sailor advertisement, the cow from Meat World, and even Champ's house, among others.

John eventually arrives to a central area in which a watch tower is located. There are three security guards defending it, which take much more ammo or hit points. After defeating them, John is able to reach a lever that opens the gates of the harbor (by pressing F). John leaves the harbor and heads to the Hasselridge suburbs.

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