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The Hammer is a weapon in POSTAL 2.


During the zombie ambush on the Church of the VD Clan, two RWS Staff members can be seen using the hammers to nail wooden barricades to the main altar's doors. Unfortunately, they don't drop the hammers when killed (has since been fixed).

The Hammer can only obtained either in the Hell Hole or through the cheat code "HammerTime".


  • In prior versions, this weapon is quite glitchy, as it attempts to occupy the same weapon slot as the Baton, making either the Hammer or Baton unavailable sometimes. Also, this weapon will have the silhouette of an Axe appear after hitting someone with it. The latest patch fixes it.
    • A later patch once again broke the hammer, as it now occupys the same weapon slot as the Bitch's Katana, meaning that if the player obtains the katana, the hammer will be rendered inaccessable for the rest of the game.