"Thank you for Unclean visit! Now GET OUT! And come again please." — Habib on Monday

Habib Ali Ishmael
Habib working at the Lucky Ganesh.
Type Human
Gender Male
Affiliations Al Qaeda, Lucky Ganesh, Habib's Survival Store, Hippocritic Party
Status Game - Determinant
Film - Deceased
Played by Timothy Kuder (Postal 2)
Erick Avari (Film)


Habib Ali Ishmael is the Middle Eastern shopkeeper of the Lucky Ganesh. After the Postal Dude goes to buy Milk, Habib will either charge $5.00 to him for the milk if the Dude chooses to pay, or shout to the Police for help as he attacks the Dude himself. Habib is clearly linked to the Terrorists, since his shop serves as headquarters for them, and he speaks with the same accent as they do. Habib only appears on Monday. From Tuesday to Thursday, the shopkeeper is a female terrorist, and on Friday it's a male one with explosives attached to him.

Paradise's General Election takes place on Wednesday, and Habib's full name is displayed in the ballot. Habib is running for the position of sheriff of Paradise as part of the Hippocritic Party, along with Lieberman who is running for Wildlife Containment Officer.

He reappears in Paradise Lost and once again holds an item vital to the Postal Dude's success. This time, he charges $500 for a Blasting Cap needed by Al Qaeda to create an I.E.D. to break the seal of the Hell Hole. Once more, the Postal Dude can either pay up, or simply kill him and enter the room he is standing in to take the blasting cap. Regardless of his actions, he is assaulted by a swarm of Dildo-wielding gimps after acquiring the blasting cap.

Habib fights with a Machine Gun, and has more health than most other characters in the game, though less than RWS staff or SWAT. He is considered a member of law enforcement in the game code, so attacking him will immediately cause the Postal Dude's wanted level to increase, and he will not be targeted by the police in a public firefight.


Habib also appears in the Postal film, and retains the role of a shopkeeper at the Lucky Ganesh. Also like in Postal 2, Al Qaeda hide out in the back room of the store. Habib does not seem to agree with the terrorist acts being committed, however, as he usually gets nervous and hesitant around them when told about the plans. He and his daughter, as well as the Postal Dude, witness how a terrorist blows himself up, killing a man and splattering blood all over the windows. Habib is later seen helping the Postal Dude hide at the Lucky Ganesh when he is being followed by a group of enraged Civilians. He tells his daughter that he helped the Dude to avoid cleaning the windows again.

Habib is played by Erick Avari.

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