Panoramic view of the Greenbelt.

The Greenbelt is an area in Paradise. It is one of the first areas to be accessible, and is home to various locations, most notably the Fee of America bank, the Paradise Times building, Jacked In/Jacked Off Communications, the Redundant Asylum, and Paradise's Visitors Bureau. The Greenbelt also has a couple of public toilets, as well as a large parking lot with trailer boxes containing various weapons.

The Greenbelt has a centric position in Paradise, since several other areas are accessible from there such as the Main Street, the Ghetto, the Industrial Area, and the Napalm Factory Exterior.

A secret passage behind the Visitors Bureau leads to a hill in which a depot with oil barrels and cans of gasoline is hidden. During the first days of the week, the depot is only inhabited by cats, but as days pass, a group of Terrorists arrive, and Mini Nuke Launcher is also found in the place.

Notable Locations Edit


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