Some tombstones at the Graveyard.

The Graveyard is the surrounding area of the Hasselridge Cathedral.

John Murray arrives to the graveyard after his confrontation with Zombie Boss at the Canyon. As soon as he arrives, the gates of the graveyard close. John is confronted by many groups of zombies, some of which emerge from the tombstones, others out of clouds of smoke. When John arrives at a bridge, some RWS zombies appear, many of them carrying meat cleavers and other melee weapons.

After that, John reaches an area in which the corpses are so old, they are just skeletons. These skeletons also emerge from the tombs, carrying swords and shields, but sharing all the traits of the zombies. John must make his way into the cathedral while facing zombies and skeletons, until he manages to find a side door to get inside.

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