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The Gold Master on Phraud Hogslop's desk.

The Gold Master is an item in POSTAL 2.


The gold master contains some POSTAL 2 material belonging to Running With Scissors, but was eventually stolen by Bullfish Interactive. RWS CEO Vince Desi calls the Postal Dude on Saturday and tasks him with the mission of retrieving the gold master from Bullfish Interactive's publisher office complex.

The Postal Dude enters the complex in his search for the gold master until he arrives to Bullfish Interactive CEO Phraud Hogslop's office. The Dude tells Hogslop that he has come to pick the gold master up, but Hogslop refuses to give it back. The Dude picks it from Hogslop's desk and tries to go away with it, but is confronted by Hogslop in a boss battle. After killing him, the Dude manages to take the gold master to a party with the Postal Babes at Vince's House.


  • The Gold Master itself is not a tangible item, and cannot be picked up or added into the inventory. It's just a visual prop.
  • A "Gold Master" is a final copy of a video game sent to printers before being mass produced.