A view of the forest, with the "Jethro's Peece Tree Emporyum" signs pointing the way to the right Xmas Tree.

The Forest is home to "Jethro's Peece Tree Emporyum", where Xmas Trees can be found. The Forest is accessible through Earl's Elephant Ranch and Grill, the Ghetto, and the Suburbs. In Share The Pain, the forest is connected to Home through the Obligatory Sewer Complex.

The Postal Dude goes there on Wednesday to get an Xmas Tree. In the forest, there are lots of crashed cars and even a school bus. Several civilians are seen having picnics, with various health items and even weapons laying on the carpets. The Postal Dude looks at several trees, but none of them convince him since some are dry, one too short (prompting the Dude to say "you gotta be fucking kidding" to the player), or he just doesn't like them. The Postal Dude finally sees the right one, which is even enlightened from the sky, accompanied by "celestial" music.

Once the Postal Dude manages to get his tree, a group of Rednecks surround him, making fun of the fact that he is getting a xmas tree in July, and say they will "open his xmas package early". To get out of the forest, the Postal Dude must face a large group of rednecks, who are heavily armed and are even using dogs to attack the Dude.

On Thursday and Friday, several Terrorists and the National Guard are spotted in the forest.

POSTAL 2 CompleteEdit

During the Easter Sunday event a new area is attached to the forest which leads to the Easter Bunny's Domain and the Easter Bunny himself. Eggs are also added all around the forest. These eggs contain ammo; mostly Machine Gun ammo, Shotgun shells, and Pistol clips.



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