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This article is about the POSTAL 2 incarnation. For other versions, see: FlamerPepper Spray

The Flamethrower (also known as the Can of Stynx) is a weapon in POSTAL 2.


It is a homemade flamethrower using a "Trippo" lighter and a can of aerosol deodorant. The flames produced are slow moving fireballs that set anything it comes into contact ablaze.



  • Its design is a homage to the Aerosol Can in Blood.
  • In the AWP mod, the can is green and "Pulse" scented. Its viewmodel in AWP is also oddly off-centred to the left.
  • The "Trippo" lighter is an obvious parody of Zippo, a popular lighter manufacturer.
  • The weapon and deodorant gets its name from Lynx, the name used for Axe-brand grooming products in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and China.