The Fee of America building at the Greenbelt.

Fee of America is Paradise's local bank. It is located in the Greenbelt area. The bank's slogan is "We get away with it because we can". On Monday, the  Postal Dude needs to cash his paycheck so he goes to Fee of America. If the Postal Dude decides to wait in line to cash his check, a group of Bank robbers appear and assault both the bank and the customers. If the Postal Dude decides to steal the money from the vault, an alarm will sound and the Police will enter the building to confront the Dude. There is a secret passage between the vault and the  Paradise Times building, accessible only on Monday.


  • Several advertisements all over Paradise feature a cartoon of a kid with the legend "Hey Kids! Your Parents are going to DIE! Make sure they're prepared with a policy from Fee of America".
  • The bank can be robbed once a day. The value of the money and the amount of police presence increases each day, with SWAT guarding more than $1,000 on Friday.
  • One of the desk clerks in the upper level sells items related to the errands given to the Postal Dude by his wife.