Faith with her gun readied.
Type Human
Gender Female
Affiliations Postal Dude
Status Alive
Played by Jackie Tohn

Faith is an attractive young barista appearing in the Postal film. She is first seen working in a restaurant in Paradise. Faith is hot-tempered, as seen when she abruptly interrupts a client who cannot decide what to choose. The Postal Dude apparently feels attracted to her by this. Faith is later seen in Little Germany, and tries to get Officer Greg and Officer John to do something to stop the fight between Vince Desi and Uwe Boll.

When Apocalypse takes place, Faith is about to attack the Postal Dude after witnessing how he killed many individuals in his one-man war. The Postal Dude explains he is fighting Terrorists and mad members of a religious cult, but Faith does not believe him until she sees the terrorists and the cult members in person. Faith joins forces with the Postal Dude and participates in a gun battle, killing many Paradise townsfolk, Police officers, terrorists and cult members in the act. She later escapes from Paradise along with the Postal Dude and Champ before 30 missiles unleashed by China hit the town.