Eternal Damnation
Eternal Damnation's offical artwork
General Info
Developers Resurrection Studios
Release Date November 13th 2006
Platforms Microsoft Windows, MAC OS X, Linux
Expansions/Editions None

Eternal Damnation is a total-conversion modification for POSTAL 2. It is available completely free, with an updated service patch, which fixes some glitches present in the original release. In order to play the game, you will need a copy of POSTAL 2 or the free Share the Pain multiplayer version.

Following its release, it was later officially shipped by Running With Scissors with all Postal games and A Week In Paradise (another mod) in a bundle called the Fudge Pack.

Plot Edit

Eternal Damnation is set in a fictional urban town called Hasselridge. The player assumes the role of John Murray, a mental patient who has escaped from an asylum, and must fight to survive a zombie outbreak by using various manic-like weapons such as hedge clippers and deodorant-flamethrowers.


Much like Apocalypse Weekend, the game follows a linear level to level structure with few free roam elements, has zombies (who are a vital plot point), and dismemberment(despite not requiring Apocalypse Weekend). Along with this are completely unique levels, HUDs, items, and weapons.

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Steam Version Edit

A remake known as "Eternal Damnation: Resurrected" is currently in the works for the POSTAL 2 Complete. It was initially being worked on by the Paradise Lost team before being handed off to Revival games to finished up.

It is set be released via Steam Workshop and will require Paradise Lost to play.

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