Ashen Forest

Survivalist Encampment.

Encampment (also known as Survivalist Encampment) is a location in Paradise Lost. Formerly it was Forest but now it has been taken over by Survivalists who converted it into their main base. Encampment is first accessible on Thursday and it consist of tents, observation towers equipped with machine guns, and is protected by barbed wire.

On Friday, Osama gives Postal Dude a task to steal some C4 charges to blow up a cover that leads to Hell Hole and warns him that Survivalists don't like intruders. When Postal Dude arrives there, he thinks that best way to get C4 is to sneak into a camp without raising the alarm. But his alter-ego blows up two Survivalists and that raises the alarm. Without any other option, Postal Dude must face with large group of Survivalists to steal C4 charges. When he finds C4 inside the tent in the back of the Encampment he must escape alive and watch out for nasty surprises that Survivalists set up for him.


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