Elephants are a type of animals featured in Postal 2, Apocalypse Weekend, and Paradise Lost.

Postal 2Edit

Elephants can be found at Earl's Elephant Ranch and Grill after its opening on Tuesday, and are seen peacefully walking in the parade grounds. On Wednesday, elephants take part of a tryout by the Marching Band. Elephants are generally passive animals when approached. However, one mishap will cause them to go crazy and stampede, ruthlessly mauling anyone in the vicinity. As satisfying as it may seem, the Postal Dude is also a target. Like all other animals in Postal 2, elephants can be killed. However, it will take a lot of firepower to kill one.

Apocalypse WeekendEdit

Elephants return in Apocalypse Weekend, and can be found inside the Elephant Preserve. The Postal Dude is tasked by Rosco with killing every elephant in the preserve in order to have their legs adapted into trash cans for children. They are much easier to kill in Apocalypse Weekend, as the player is given a Scythe capable of cutting off their legs.

Paradise LostEdit

A single elephant appears in Paradise Lost, being held in a cage at the Creature Control Center and Pets on Monday. When the Postal Dude visits the kennels in search of his lost dog Champ, animal rights activists will storm the animal control center. A female activist will destroy a fuse box, releasing the elephant. Then, the animal defecates on the activist, burying her in a huge pile of elephant dung which also blocks off the Postal Dude's exit, forcing him to take the long way out by traveling through the animal control center's laboratory. Upon exiting the laboratory, the Postal Dude must leave via the lobby, which is occupied by the elephant and several hostile animal rights activists. The elephant is immediately aggressive and will attack both the Postal Dude and the animal rights activists.


  • Elephants seem to be a source of food in Paradise. In the Elephant farm, several grills are possibly cooking elephant steaks. Also, Earl the owner is grilling and making bags of fast food, more than likely consisting of elephant meat.


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