The Elephant Preserve.

The Paradise Municipal Elephant Preserve is an area in Apocalypse Weekend.


The Elephant Preserve is a large, savanna-like area containing infinite Elephants. The Preserve intends on protecting the Elephants from poachers, as they are a source of food in Paradise and are killed in order to make Jumbo Steaks. It is open to the public, as Civilians can be seen in the area having picnics and a food stall is next to the gate.

The tranquillity of the Elephant Preserve is soon ruined when The Postal Dude is offered a job of killing some Elephants by Rosco, a Mexican man outside the gates, reason being to turn their legs into baskets for children. Rosco gives the Dude a Scythe, who ultimately proceeds to kill the Elephants inside the Preserve. After the slaughter, only one Elephant survives, who tramples a Vegetarian who confronts Postal Dude and Rosco once the job is finished.

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