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Edensin sign

Sign from opening

Edensin is the setting for POSTAL 4: No Regerts.


Edensin is a small town stationed somewhere along the Mexican border. Much like Paradise, Edensin on the surface is another typical Arizona town. However, compared to Paradise, this town is much bigger and contains many more buildings (both residential and community ones such as a mall, stadium, dam, amusement park, as well as its own casino district).

Unlike Paradise, Edensin is much more calmer as many criminal activities do not happen very often and people are trying to live their lives normally. However, the dark truth of the town is often hidden from preying eyes of curious people as some buildings may contain dangerous places such as a drug lab beneath a pet store, or local art gallery is actually a black market for stolen works of art. Much like Paradise, Edensin also suffers from the Apocalypse.

The residents of Edensin are mixed in gender, race, and political opinion but they are not as much boorish as those in Paradise.



  • Its name comes from the Biblical "Garden of Eden", which is also called "Paradise", and the word "sin".