Easter Bunny
The Easter Bunny.
Type Anthropomorphic rabbit
Gender Male
Affiliations Easter Bunny's Domain
Status Dead
Played by Unknown

The Easter Bunny is a special character that appears during the Easter Sunday event in Postal 2. He is inside an area that is attached to the forest through a hole. A small cave/tunnel will lead from the forest to the the Easter Bunny's valley. At the heart of the valley is a small farm with some cows grazing lazily. Furthermore, there is a small, inaccessible hobbit house, in front of which are 2 crates filled with Easter eggs. Approaching the house will trigger a small cutscene where the Easter Bunny reveals his hostile intentions towards the player. When killed, he drops $200, WMD rockets and a SiC Body Armor.


As the outfit suggests, the Easter Bunny uses a flurry of unique martial arts attacks: a karate kick that propels him forwards and a stomping attack which knocks back the player. As the fight progresses, the Easter Bunny's moves become increasingly powerful. The karate kick for example, will leave behind a trail of flames. Some attacks even prevent the player from moving for a certain amount of time, making the Easter Bunny challenging even on Liebermode. Additionally, the Easter Bunny will at some points spawn 3 (weaker) clones of himself.


  • He wears a karate outfit with a "HAPPY EASTER MOTHER FUCKER :)" legend on the back.
  • He is the only character in Postal 2 wearing SiC Body Armor.
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