A view of the Downtown, with Lorie's Apartment on the top right.

Downtown is the second setting in the third party mod Eternal Damnation. As the name suggests, it consists of the downtown of the city of Hasselridge. When John Murray escapes from Happy Hill Asylum, he goes to the downtown, where the apartment of his girlfriend Lorie Heath is located. As soon as he arrives, a group of gangsters attack him, as he is immediately recognized as the mental escapee. After the attack by the gangsters, a group of butchers also attack him.

When John finally arrives to where Lorie's Aparment is located, he is confronted by a SWAT team. He must kill 10 SWAT agents. After doing so, another group of gangsters is shown planning another attack on John, but a SWAT officer arrives, shoots them but in the process he blows a car, causing an explosion that kills the gangsters and himself. An elevator opens so that John can get access to the building.


The Downtown offers several services:

  • Dewey, Phuckem & Howe: an attorney office for divorces, malpractices, accidents, etc.
  • Cinema
  • The Snip: a barber shop
  • Ho Dee Doh: a massage parlor
  • Francesco's Boom Boom Shack
  • J. Dixon and Son: a "family butcher"

Within all these locations, and atop the buildings, John can find weapons, ammo and health items.

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