3 Chocolate Doughnuts in-game

"Doughnuts are slightly effective for regaining health. They are not as effective as the other foods, so don’t over depend on them." — The doughnut's description in the manual

A Doughnut is a food item in Postal 2 and its expansion, Apocalypse Weekend. Doughnuts are the weakest of all food items and health items combined, but compensate for these by being very common in both games, being found at the 7th Heaven Food Stores located in the Ghetto district of town ($5 each), as well as in 3 stores in the Food Court of Paradise Mall. Also they can be purchased from clerk on upper level in Fee of America Bank on Tuesday. Unlike other food items, a Doughnut can be used to an advantage: dropping one will lure Police Officers over to it, which can be useful it the Postal Dude is wanted by the Police and does not want to be spotted trying to escape an area. When eaten, a Doughnut heals 3 hitpoints.


  • Doughnuts also appear in elongated form and as round cream filled doughnuts with no difference to their circular counterparts.
  • If the Postal Dude urinates on a doughnut and a police officer picks it up and eats it, they puke.
  • There are offices in the police station that are packed with doughnuts, mocking the fact that a lot of police officers consume huge amounts of doughnuts in America.
  • In the 7th Heaven Food Store, there's tons of doughnuts, including a dog poop, "disguised" as a doughnut. This one heals one hp instead of three hp, and makes the Postal Dude gag. Upon giving this dog poop to a officer, they will puke after eating it, similar to the urinated doughnut. When you transition to a new map, this unique doughnut will change its overworld model to that of a regular doughnut, but still have the same effects.